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And so goodbye North Melbourne

‘The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence’ (unknown)

Tick…And so the clock ticks, and the hour hand moves and another chapter of my life begins. Today is the day I hand my keys for North Melbourne in, my final connection with the suburb I’ve lived in for over 2 and a half years.

Tock….North Melbourne has served me well, it’s seen me grow, it’s influenced me in many ways. I felt an intrinsic connection to it whilst I was there. I felt the most I’ve felt at home in any of the suburbs I lived so far. A suburb isn’t just a set of buildings though, it’s the people and the community.

Tick… North Melbourne is a curious mix of families, singles with a touch of hipster culture probably brought about by its funky coffee shops. Its close enough to the city to be able to walk in and in parts its almost suburban with its larger houses and parkland.

Tock….To feel connected to a place is a great feeling. I could walk around North Melbourne alone but still feel part of the larger community. I loved going to the gym there, because by the time I was leaving I would always know someone there and be on for a little chat.

Tick…I’ll miss the running tracks, my two main routes took me down the Maribyrnong towards either Yarraville/Anglers Tavern with my other route taking me in Royal Park and around the circuit at Princes Park. I’ll miss the Capital City Trail that took me into Fitzroy and Collingwood, I’ll miss being able to cycle to work all along cycle paths and not really having to hit a road at all. Finally I’ll miss the city, I deliberately used to get off my tram in the city and walk back to North Melbourne just to see the life and soul of Melbourne.

Tock..But saying all this, it’s my choice to move. It’s time.

We can only look forward as the clock keeps ticking.

IJS 20/11/2014