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Where to from here?


It’s been a fair few weeks and perspective is all important really. The closer we are to an event, the more our judgement is clouded so although i love writing I’ve delayed this to a time I might be able to give a better account than I previously have.

I think I should start by saying I’m in a very good place. Although hard initially I’ve been quite successful at restarting my life once again.  This however may well be because I’m pretty experienced now in this situation after four pretty big breakups in the last 11 years.

To say I was blindsided by events is an understatement. I believed marriage offered some sort of security but unfortunately I was wrong. I’m not going to go into the where’s and why fors because that isn’t fair and although I had no part in the decision, I think it’s not right to make any judgements on it. It’s done and what’s important is how I move on from it and where I go.

I’ve moved back to the north which I’ve always felt is home for me. A new suburb, Brunswick West. Close to Princes Park for running, close to Moonee Ponds for a few friend catch ups and close to Sydney Road. A good spot and although it was a bit of luck, a good choice too. The choice was made on really one factor. That week when I was looking, I set up 5 interviews for flatmates to view their places. The first one I came to was in Brunswick West and I got a text 10 minutes before I arrived asking me what beer I liked and that she would grab a six pack. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours and it was decision made.

I suppose it’s with a bit of trepidation that I confirm I have entered the dating arena once again and I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the positiveness of everyone I’ve told this too. It’s nice to know that people are genuinely happy for me and although there have been a few, it’s too early comments, I realise these are coming from a place of care and love for me and I appreciate them all. Whilst taking these onboard, I feel I have absolutely made the right decision for me.

My friends have been my rock these last few months. I’ve called on many of them and they’ve always been there. I think to name names is a bit crass, but from the person who rushed over when this all started, to the person who gave me the first hug, to the guys who’ve spent hours of time with me and the lovely check in phone calls, I’ve been genuinely overwhelmed. And it’s reminded me of the amazing people I have around me and also my own strength in a crisis. These last few months, I have tried to be purely selfish and get back to the things I enjoyed. I had a ball in Good Beer Week spending lots of time at beer events, I’ve just come back from a trip to Echuca, had a fantastic time in Sydney for work and have spent countless hours with some amazing people.

Life is beautiful. From the sunrise in the morning, the hot air balloons in the sky, the people smiling at you as you walk by, the coffee shop that remembers your name, the sun warming you on a cold winters day, the inner peace I achieve from running, drinks with friends and a tram trip home with a plethora of interesting characters. In spite of all life deals us, beauty is all around it’s just a matter of opening our eyes.

I’m not sure where to from here but it can only be forward. I have many dreams still for the future and I’m looking forward to making these come true. It’s been quite a journey so far and although there have been many bumps in the road, I’m still looking into the horizon and imagine how exciting travelling this road is going to be.

To the future.

IJS 31/05/2016