The Long Haul



Maybe all travel blogs should start like this. Not on the first sight that’s seen in an exotic destination but rather sitting at home waiting to go to the airport. 

Perhaps also instead of describing the amazing sights being seen there should be room for the emotions experienced as well. 

As I commence the journey to the airport, I take the train I travel on everyday to work taking me on the first leg of my journey. And then onto the Skybus to take me out through the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Familiar sights whiz past reminding me how much I’ve grown to love my adopted city. 
I woke this morning feeling apprehensive and I really wasn’t sure why. I mean I’m lucky, I get to fly half way round the world and join my partner in Berlin for a weeks holiday. So it got me to thinking what is the cause of this apprehension.

I think it’s a few things. Firstly in my life I’ve never really flown alone for any long haul flights. My only flights alone have been for work and the longest of them was to Brisbane (a two hour trip). I’m not sure what to expect. What if the person next to me is painful, what if I can’t sleep, what if I get bored. 26 hours is a long time. Some might call it a day and 2 hours.

Secondly I’ve never travelled a 14 hour leg before. My very rare trips to Europe and back have all been 3 stops rather than 2 with the legs no more than 7 hours each. 
Finally, I’ve never been to Berlin. I’m entering the unknown and perhaps that’s what it’s all about. What will it be like? What will the people be like?

Of course, emotions pass like a wave running over me and already I feel the apprehension lift as I travel out to the airport and my excitement return. The thought of reuniting after a week with my partner in Berlin airport brings a smile to my face and my curiosity about a different city fires my neurones.

What’s on for Berlin. Well really it’s a blank canvas. We only have one adventure set in stone and that is a trip up to the Dome at the Reichstag which we booked some weeks ago. Our shared love of galleries and museums will ensure we do our fair share of those and I suspect my love of beer will lead us to some cool bars.

For now these thoughts and dreams seem a lifetime away but they edge closer by the minute.

 IJS 10/09/2016

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