Race 10 – Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 10k


Looking back on this, it maybe a pivotal run of the year but maybe for all the wrong reasons. I sit here a day later with possibly my first injury of the 18 months I’ve been running. Somehow I’ve done my back and have been in a fair amount of agony at various times today and last night. It seems to have settled a little now. However in the middle of last night I woke in the early hours of the morning with a sharp pain in my chest, after checking which side, I found a way to adjust myself so it didn’t hurt any more.

This morning after thinking it was a pain in my chest, I sat on the tram for my normal 25 minutes ride into work and when I got off I realised it was my back. I hobbled in then at lunch popped to the chemist to get some Voltaran 25. My drug of choice in the pain stakes.

Anyway back to the race. Started at 8.10 on a fairly chilly sunday morning at Princes Park. One of my favourite runs purely because it takes place on my training track on Prince Park so I know the circuit and the addition down to the zoo and back very well.

Wasn’t really out to break any records but I managed to get a fairly good pace going and seemed to hit most of kilometre splits in about 4.15s. Over a 10k distance I can’t be too unhappy with that can I.

Race went relatively well, and considering id think of myself as a half marathoner nowadays I found the run relatively easy to count down from 10 to 0 in your head sure beats counting down from 21 to 0.

I sprinted the line with my usual burst and managed to sub 4 minute the final kilometre which probably tells me I could have actually put in some more effort during the race.

Onwards and upwards hopefully, pretty unsure about Run Melbourne now, I don’t really want to take myself out of City2Surf and I still have plenty of time to eclipse the 13 from last year.


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