Brew 7 – A take on an English Pale

Nope this post isn’t about me!! Its about my latest home brew project I brewed on Tuesday 26th August. An English Pale. I’m trying lately to keep these recipes as simple as possible to try and figure out what is giving me the flavours that are running the last few beers.

The recipe was relatively simple:

6 litres of boiling water (60 minute boil)
700g Pale Dry Malt (500g at the start, 200g with 5 mins from the end)
300g Dark Dry Malt (150g at the start, 150g with 5 from the end)
4g of Ella Hops for bittering
3g of Vic Secret (30 mins into the boil)
4g of Vic Secret (45 mins into the boil)
4g of Vic Secret (55 mins into the boil)

Rehydrated S04 yeast.

Everything ran quite to plan on this one and I managed not have any disasters at all, I’ve almost got this process down pat really and once you know what your doing there actually isn’t really that much work involved at all. Just a lot of waiting and looking at the clock.

My feelings are this is no traditional English ale. The Vic Secret is a big punchy hop that will dominate the taste but will lead to an interesting flavour I reckon. I plan to once again bottle into Coopers bottles using carbonation drops instead of bulk priming because I still feel that is where the problems were lying with previous batches. Although I have one that just about to come out that used carbonation drops so maybe that will tell me the story.

The beginning of this process is always full of such hope.

IJS 26/08/2014


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